Day Skipper Overview


If you would like to improve and boost your knowledge of seamanship, navigation, regulations & responsibilities as well as techniques, then the Day Skipper Theory course is an excellent option. It is a great stepping stone towards your Yachtmaster and it will allow you to make the most out of your experience gained while working on Superyachts. This knowledge will benefit you on a daily basis during a range of activities including tender driving to look out duties in the bridge.

Day Skipper Theory course Breakdown:

The theory course is applicable to both motor and sail yacht crew.

  • Being able to find and utilise information relating to weather, navigation, tides in the planning and execution of passages.
  • Gain a working knowledge of rules and regulations including, collision avoidance rules, marine pollution responsibilities and the various safety equipment required for passages.
  • Plan and execute pilotage and navigation techniques, learn passage planning strategies, as well as how to deal with emergency situations.

Day Skipper course content:

RYA Dayskipper students have access to the RYA Training Almanac and also receive a course pack which includes a large number of training charts, knots, electronic chart plotters as well as exercise booklets. These exercises allow you to replicate scenarios that a crew member is likely to encounter in real life.

Day Skipper Course Duration:

The RYA day skipper generally runs over 5 days or 40 hours. This will give sufficient time to gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of chart work, seamanship, meteorology as well as collision regulations.

You will gain an RYA Day Skipper theory qualification certificate at the end of the course.

Day Skipper Training School Locations: