1. Understand  Superyacht Chef Work Environment:

The role of a chef on board a superyacht differs greatly from that of a hotel or restaurant chef. A head yacht chef is responsible for all the meal plans, provisioning, food preparation, cooking and cleaning onboard. Yacht chefs usually work on their own, without any assistance. A head chef may have a sous chef if they are very experienced and employed on a larger yacht. He/she is responsible for crew and guest food every day of the week, no exceptions. Superyacht chefs must be extremely diverse, they cater to a variety of nationalities all with unique dietary preferences. Chefs must produce the highest quality of food to meet the extremely high standards of owners and guests. Yacht guests are accustomed to eating at the best hotels, restaurants and villas in the world. Chefs must also be willing to work bizarre hours and be prepared for last minute requests and changes at any given time.

Find out more about the work environment of a superyacht chef.

2. Complete Super yacht chef courses and qualifications:

There are a few qualifications required to become a superyacht chef:

  • Like all other crew, superyacht chefs must hold an STCW certificate.
  • An ENG1 Medical Certificate is compulsory documentation for all superyacht crew to hold.
  • Food Safety & Hygiene Certificate: The MCA Food & Hygiene certificate is a requirement for any crew member that will handle, prepare or serve food. It is a one-day course and will provide crew members with the knowledge to safely store, cook and serve food on board. Click here to connect with a training school offering this course, near you.
  • MCA Ship’ Cook Certificate of Competency (CoC): While not a prerequisite to work as a chef in the industry it is required by several yachts and is highly recommended. Most flag states require commercial vessels with 10 or more crew to have a certified “Ships Cook” on board at all times. This qualification is becoming increasingly relevant and if you plan to make a career as a yacht chef we highly recommend it. Click here to connect with a training school offering this course, near you.

3. Complete the steps on how to get a job on a Superyacht

Now that you have a good understanding of what being a superyacht chef is all about and you have complete the necessary training it is time to take action. All crew need to hold an ENG1 medical certificate which will certify you as fit to work at sea. Visas are required in order to travel to super yachting locations to attend interviews. You need to register with crew agents and ensure that you are applying for jobs wherever possible. Building a positive reputation together with a strong network of individuals involved in the industry is key.

Complete steps on how to get a job on a superyacht