Suitable to new entrants and junior interior crew

For interior crew who would like to advance certain skills

For interior crew progressing to more senior roles

For crew who are moving into a chief stew / HOD role

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The G.U.E.S.T program is accredited by the International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI). The program provides the interior crew with a clearly defined training route. The steward(ess) program is comprised of three levels of assessment (Introduction, Advanced & Management Level) as well as specialist modules for specific duties. The course framework covers all levels of the interior department. Management modules are also suitable for crew working in other departments at a high level.

GUEST Hospitality Introduction Program

Modules that contribute towards a Junior Stew CoC

  • Unit 23: GUEST Introduction to Yachting & Yachting Life​
  • Unit 32: GUEST Basic Housekeeping & Laundry Service
  • Unit 02: GUEST Basic Food & Beverages Service
  • Unit 03: GUEST Basic Wine, Bartending & Mixology
Vacation on Motor Yacht, details of Interior Luxury Yacht
Hostess in attesa d'imbarco su uno yacht

GUEST Hospitality Specialist Program:

Modules for crew who would like to specialise in specific areas of service

  • Unit 06: GUEST Cigar Service Module
  • Unit 10: GUEST Floristry and Plant Maintenance
  • Unit 11: GUEST Barista and Hot Beverage
  • Unit 12: GUEST Advanced Wine Appreciation 1
  • Unit 13: GUEST Advanced Wine Appreciation 2
  • Unit 14: GUEST Advanced Bartending and Mixology 1
  • Unit 15: GUEST Advanced Bartending and Mixology 2

GUEST Hospitality Advanced Program

For crew working towards their Senior Stew GUEST CoC

  • Unit 34: GUEST Yacht Interior Administration
  • Unit 05: GUEST Advanced Food & Beverage Service
  • Unit 07: GUEST Advanced Laundry Services
  • Unit 08: GUEST Advanced Housekeeping
  • Unit 09: GUEST Advanced Valet Services
Barcelona Crew Academy Wine Training
IAMI GUEST Leadership Course Lecture

GUEST Hospitality Management Program

For crew working towards their Chief Stew GUEST CoC

  • Unit 36: GUEST Destination, Event & Interior Management
  • Unit 30: GUEST Human Resources & Crew Wellbeing
  • Unit 21: GUEST Accounting, Bookeeping & Budgeting
  • Unit 17: IAMI GUEST Foundation Leadership