The G.U.E.S.T program is accredited by the International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI). This program provides the interior crew with a clearly defined training route. It is comprised of three levels of assessment. The course framework covers all levels of the interior department.

Detailed information can be found on the GUEST Website. We strongly recommend you get in touch with a GUEST Training Provider in order to find out more info.

Introduction Level (GUEST 1)

  • Unit 1: Yacht Interior Introduction Module
  • Unit 2: Basic Food Service Module (Including Flowers and Plant Care)
  • Unit 3:  Wine, Bartending and Mixology Module

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Advanced Level (GUEST 2):

  • Unit 4: Interior Administration and Human Resources
  • Unit 5: Advanced Service Module
  • Unit 6: Cigar Service Module
  • Unit 7: Advanced Laundry Service Module
  • Unit 8: Advanced Housekeeping Module
  • Unit 9: Advanced Valet Services
  • Unit 10: Floristry and Plant Maintenance
  • Unit 11: Barista and Hot Beverage
  • Unit 12: Advanced Wine Appreciation 1
  • Unit 13: Advanced Wine Appreciation 2
  • Unit 14: Advanced Bartending and Mixology 1
  • Unit 15: Advanced Bartending and Mixology 2


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GUEST Management Level (GUEST 3)

  • Unit 16: Advanced Interior & Destination Management
  • Unit 17: Foundation Leadership

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You will also be required to complete the following modules:

  • Accounting And Budgeting Course,
  • International Safety Management Module or equivalent,
  • Advanced Sea Survival or  STCW (A-VI/ 2-1) PSCRB,
  • STCW (A-VI/4/2) Medical Care Aboard Ship,
  • Level 3 Award In Supervising Food Safety In catering or equivalent. 

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