The IAMI GUEST Yacht Purser Program caters to individuals with backgrounds in shorebased management administration or those who have progressed through the ranks onboard and hold some responsibilities in yacht accounting and administration.

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The GUEST Yacht Purser Program offers a comprehensive and interactive curriculum designed specifically to equip students with the essential skills and extensive knowledge necessary for effectively managing the diverse and demanding duties associated with the Yacht Purser Role.

Throughout the Program, students will receive instruction and assessment on various subjects, including vessel and crew administration, yacht logistics, maritime law, chartering, destination management, accounting, and staying updated on ever-changing VAT laws, among other relevant topics.

By successfully completing the entire GUEST Yacht Purser Program, individuals will fulfill the occupational requirements to qualify as an onboard Yacht Purser, resulting in the issuance of the IAMI GUEST Yacht Purser CoC.

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GUEST Yacht Purser Training Units / Modules

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IAMI GUEST Yacht Purser Program Units 18 - 21

  • Role of the Purser & Purser Duties
  • Muster Duties & Yacht Operations
  • Maritime Organisation
  • Maritime Regulations & Laws
  • Yacht Charter & VAT
  • Port Clearances
  • Destination Management
  • Budgeting & Accounting
  • Crew Management
  • Human Resources

IAMI GUEST Advanced Leadership Unit 22

  • Proactive Time Management
  • Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation
  • Influencing & Negotiating
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mentoring & Supporting Others
  • Communication Challenges & Feedback
  • Flexing Communication Styles
  • GROW Coaching Model
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IAMI GUEST Yacht Purser CoC

In order to issued a GUEST Yacht Purser Certificate of Competency the following is required:

  • All GUEST Yacht Purser Program Units
  • Unit 22 IAMI GUEST Advanced Leadership
    * Unit 22 equivalent to STCW HELM (M) for the purpose of GUEST CoC issue.
  • Basic Safety Training (STCW A-VI/1 )
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW A-VI/6-1)
    Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (STCW A-VI/6-2)
  • ENG 1 Medical or ENG1 Equivalent (MCA Accredited or Accepted)
  • 3 years management experience within the Maritime Sector
    OR 12 months Yacht Service in an HoD position

Available GUEST Yacht Purser Training Courses / Providers