MCA Approved Certifications for Safe and Hygienic Food Handling


All food handlers, both those preparing and serving ( steward(ess)'s, chefs and catering staff) are required to hold a level 2 food safety in catering certificate as a minimum requirement. Due to the fact that there are different bodies awarding level 2 food safety certifications, different names are used such as "Level 2 Award in Food Safety and Hygiene", "Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering", "Food Hygiene Level 2 Award" as well as other variations.

It is important to note that the certification and awarding body must be recognised by the MCA should you wish to work on an MCA compliant vessel.

*You can check as to whether a course is recognised by the MCA by viewing the Recognised Qualifications in Food Hygiene or Food Safety in Catering document on the MCA's website.

Food Hygiene Level 2

Food Safety in Catering Level 2 Online / Virtual Training


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, certifications can now be obtained through a virtual online classroom environment. Once the course framework has been completed with the guidance of an online lecturer, the student will have to write an online examination while being observed by an invigilator through their computer camera. Students are also required to share their screen throughout the call.

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Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Course Outcomes

The course provides students with the knowledge on how to safely and hygienically store, handle, cook and serve food on-board. The aim of this qualification is to provide candidates with the knowledge of basic food safety practices, the hazards, and risks with regard to food safety presented by food operations and personnel, together with cost-effective and practical control measures.

Food Hygiene Level 2 Certificate

Upon completion of the food safety level 2 course, students will be awarded a certificate, commonly referred to as a "food safety certificate level 2 certificate" or a "food hygiene certificate level 2 certificate". It will be mandatory to present this certificate should you wish to handle food on an MCA-approved yacht or superyacht. The level 2 award in food safety and catering certificate is a yacht chef training requirement as well as a common requirement for steward/stewardess training.

Course Outline:

  • Microbiological hazards (bacteria)
  • Spoilage and preservation
  • Food poisoning and its control
  • Contamination hazards and controls
  • Food handlers and personal hygiene
  • Food premises and equipment
  • Food pests and control
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Food safety and law enforcement.