The GUEST III Interior Management Level is for crew who are ready to move into a chief stew or head of department position.

The framework is consists of four modules:

GUEST Accounting, Bookkeeping & Budgeting | Unit 21 
GUEST Human Resources & Crew Wellbeing | Unit 30 
GUEST Interior Management & Destination Management Unit 16
GUEST IAMI Foundation Leadership Unit 17

These modules provide students with the necessary tools to develop essential skills required for their role as a Chief Stew or Head of Department.

Students who complete GUEST Hospitality Management modules are able to apply for their GUEST Chief Stew CoC, provided they meet the criteria and have obtained all supporting certifications.

The beakdown of the required modules can be found below:

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GUEST Accounting, Bookkeeping & Budgeting | Unit 21

Bookkeeping GUEST Training Yacht Stew
  • Role & responsibilities for the onboard accounting, bookkeeping & budgeting
  • Communication & reporting procedures to management & hierarchy onboard
  • Management of accounting principles & systems
  • Management of bookkeeping, cash accounts, controls & audits
  • Management of purchase procedures & protocols
  • Management of account planning & reconciliation
  • Organising of the yacht’s financial planning, budgeting policies & procedures
  • VAT in the yachting sector
  • Charter expenses, operations costs, advanced provisioning allowance & VAT
  • Management of charter accounts & relevant financial records
  • Budgeting for a port call & cruise

GUEST Human Resources & Crew Wellbeing | Unit 30

  • Purpose, aims & relevancy of Maritime Conventions, Health, Safety & Security Policies.
  • Impact & practices of the Yacht Standing Orders / Ethical Code of Conduct.
  • Purpose, role & responsibilities of Human Resources within the Superyacht Sector.
  • Crew Contracts & Agreements (inc the SEAs & MLC policies)
  • Crew qualifications compliance & relevant certification
  • Crew Files, Crew Administrations & Processes
  • Development of Crew job description specifications for recruitment
  • Effective Interviewing Techniques & Selection Process
  • Implementation & management of new Crew “Induction Process”
  • Implementation & regulation of Employee Relationship Management
  • Implementation of Crew Performance Management
  • Implementation & management of Crew Training Development & Opportunities
  • Management & commitment to Crew Wellbeing
  • The impact of stress on mental, emotional & physical health.

GUEST Event, Destination & Interior Management | Unit 36

  • Interior Yacht Operations
  • Event Production & Event Management
  • Guest Itineraries
  • Interior Administration
  • Information Management Systems
  • Financial Planning Systems & Accounts
  • Communication​
  • Human Resources processes

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AIMI GUEST Foundation Leadership | Unit 17

HELM Operational is recognized as an equivalent of this module.

  • Different Leadership Styles
  • Mentoring teams & individuals
  • Team Work & Motivating teams & Individuals
  • Developing Others
  • Developing Empathy, Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Communication Styles & Effective Communication
  • Resource Management & effective
  • Goal Setting
  • Manage Conflict situations to a positive Resolution
  • Managing Performance
  • Setting SMART Goal
  • Managing Time & Resource

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Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with DISCIPLINE, LEADERSHIP, SKILL, CONTROL and MOTIVATION concept letters
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IAMI GUEST Management Level (Chief Stew) Virtual / Online Training

If students would like to complete the course remotely, they will need to perform the practical duties in front of the camera. This will require certain items to be obtained in order to execute the practical element.

Online material and training will be offered to both in-class and virtual students. The exact format may differ between training providers and it is best to find one that best suits your needs.

Although there are differences in the format and pricing of the virtual and in-class courses, both types will result in the student obtaining a course completion certificate and will be able to apply for their GUEST CoC.

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On successful completion of the Introduction Modules, along with the auxiliary courses the candidate can apply for the GUEST Chief Stew CoC (Certificate of Competency).

The required auxiliary and medical certificates required are as follows:

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