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The Advanced Fire Fighting STCW A-VI/3 is a management-level STCW module, which is a prerequisite for seafarers who are designated to control firefighting operations on board. It is forms part of the Chief Mate 3000 and the 2nd Vessel Engineer CoC prerequisites. It is also a requirement for interior crew members that are working towards their GUEST Chief Stew / Head of Department CoC. The course consists of both practical and theoretical components, with an emphasis on control and organization of fire-related procedures and equipment on board.

Course Outline:

The Advanced Fire Fighting course is usually delivered over four days and includes both classroom-based learning as well as practical sessions. The course can be physically demanding and it includes the use of breathing apparatus, live fires, and practical firefighting techniques. Some topics and tasks covered during the course:

  • Fire theory revision
  • Extinguisher use and maintenance
  • Breathing apparatus use and maintenance
  • Search and rescue techniques
  • Command and control of a fire onboard
  • Tactical command
  • Communication
  • Stability issues regarding fires on board
  • Casualty response and handling
  • IMDG code
  • Fire investigation and reporting
  • Drills
Advanced Fire Fighting Practical
4 types of fire extinguishers

Course Prerequisites:

  1. i) Physically fit
  2. ii) STCW Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting certificate.

How Long is the Certificate Valid for?

The Advanced Fire Fighting Certificate is valid for 5 years. Candidates must update their certificate every 5 years by doing the Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher Course.