The GUEST Hospitality Introduction Program Consists of 4 Units


The program is suitable for those who are entering the industry or are at the early stages of their yachting career (as an interior crew member).

It is commonly referred to as the GUEST Junior Stew / Program and is the first level in the Guest Hospitality Training Framework.

The program can be done in class, virtually, or in a blended format (this depends on the facilitator).

A guideline for the learning hours of the full Introduction Program is 5 days.

The program consists of the following 4 modules:

Unit 23 GUEST Introduction to Yachting & Yachting Life
Unit 32 GUEST Basic Housekeeping & Laundry Services
Unit 02 GUEST Basic Food & Beverage Service
Unit 03 GUEST Basic Wine, Bartending & Mixology

On successful completion of the Introduction Modules, along with the auxiliary courses the candidate can apply for the GUEST Junior Stew CoC.

The knowledge and skills gained through the course together with the certification obtained will give any aspiring steward(ess) a huge advantage in not only finding the right employees but also being able to excel at the position on board.

GUEST Hospitality Program
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Unit 23 | GUEST Yacht Interior Introduction

  • Introduction” to the Interior department & role of an interior crew member
  • The demographics of the yachting sector and the "who's who's" of the sector.
  • How to write a professional CV & search for a position within the industry
  • Introduction to a life at sea & maintaining health & wellbeing Seamanship and basic seamanship terminology Introduction to the onboard  departments & the hierarchy & chain of command
  • Standards of personal presentation & personal etiquette Standards of the required attention to detail on board a yacht
  • The importance of communication, discretion, and your role as part of a team.
  • The essence of etiquette, interacting with guests, and cultural differences
  • Professional presentation & detailing of cabins, bathrooms & other guest areas
  • Cleaning & maintaining luxury fabrics, surfaces & finishings.
  • Basic professional laundry procedures & laundry duties
  • Health & Safety in the Maritime industry

Unit 32 | GUEST Basic Housekeeping & Laundry Services

  • Basics professional laundry procedures and laundry duties onboard
  • Step-by-step professional detailing of a cabin, and the
  • Handling of guests´ clothes while packing and unpacking a suitcase, from ironing and iron maintenance to the proper cleaning of different types of clothing and fabrics.
  • Cleaning & maintaining luxury fabrics, surfaces & finishings.
IAMI GUEST Laundry Module
Vacation on Motor Yacht, details of Interior Luxury Yacht

Unit 02 | GUEST Basic Food Services 

  • Principles of guest food & beverage Service
  • Standards of presentation & etiquette expected
  • The different food service styles & techniques
  • Introduction to  food & beverage service on board a yacht
  • Preparation of mise en place for the service areas onboard
  • Food Safety procedures & practices
  • Dietary & cultural food & beverage requirements


Unit 03  | GUEST  Introduction Wine, Bartending & Mixology 

  • Basics on the world of wine
  • Regions and grapes of the world relevant to the yachting industry
  • Basic principles of professional wine service
  • Correct wine storage on board a yacht
  • The main spirits & classic service for spirits
  • Using the required tools for cocktail making​
  • Methods used to prepare cocktails


Barcelona Crew Academy Wine Training
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IAMI GUEST Hospitality Introduction Program *Virtual / Online Training Format*

Certain training schools now offer the level 1 program in a virtual/online format or in a blended format. If students would like to complete the course remotely, they will need to perform the practical duties in front of the camera. This will require certain items to be obtained in order to execute the practical element.

Online material and training will be offered to both in-class and virtual students. The exact format may differ between training providers and it is best to find one that best suits your needs.

Although there are differences in the format and pricing of the virtual and in-class courses, both types will result in the student obtaining a course completion certificate and will be able to apply for their GUEST Junior CoC.

Find an Online / Virtual GUEST Level 1 Training Centre

IAMI GUEST Junior Stew CoC

On successful completion of the Introduction Modules, along with the auxiliary courses the candidate can apply for the GUEST Junior Stew CoC (Certificate of Competency).

The required auxiliary and medical certificates required are as follows:

*No previous Yacht Service is required for the GUEST Junior Stew CoC*

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