Bring light to new and interesting tourist spots, highlighting unique experiences, around the world. Experiences can be towns, nights out, bars and restaurants that stand out, hiking trails, surf spots, an epic place to stay, a hidden beach, a market, the list goes on. (From broad to very granular, but always concise in delivery. Choose a level of detail and run with that). Engage community – i.e. yachting crew and expand their desire to travel and be proactive when they have a day off.

General layout

Be creative – grab the reader. Create desire. This is not Wikipedia. We want to keep our readers engaged and on the site.

Short introduction(If location is unusual this can be more in-depth) – 5 lines. What you would go there for, what the area is like, anything unusual or interesting about the place. Hooking the readers interest into what is to follow is key.

  • Introduce the need that is being fulfilled and sell the relevance of the post to fulfill the need.
  • General location in respect to known landmarks (can be done later when detail is given about activities)
  • Brief overview of the “vibe” of the area/town/place/party/restaurant, seasons etc.
  • Include activities or elements that make the area unique or stand out

Deep dive into activity (Body = anchor It’s time to fulfill the need mentioned in the start in detail. Back to the point.

  • Whether it be night life, restaurants, outdoor activities or community engagement. Get in-depth and get your message across. What do you want to drive home? Focus on this.
  • Use descriptive language and not too many literal explanations instructing action.
  • Remember you are engaging a large community and not an individual audience.
  • If you bring up a specific area – restaurant, street market, lake, scuba site – explain briefly where/how to get to the mentioned landmark. If you used a specific guide, rental company, hotel etc. include it but give details such as website links and contact details at the end of the post as references.
  • Sell the idea and excite people enough for them to get up and get out there.


  • Key take outs of your experience, how did it make you feel, what triggers your emotion, why people should get involved.


  • 3-5 relevant photos – high quality
  • 500 – 750 words
  • Based on experience this should take around 2-4 hours.


Below is the compensation for blog post writing. Exposure is with regard to Instagram followers. Payment is on condition that the user includes the post with a link in an Instagram post or story. Links on profiles are encouraged as seen in the screenshot below although a story post is sufficient.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 14.30.57

*For users with less than one-thousand followers we are offering exposure in lieu of payment. I.e. we will include your preferred social media link in the post on our site, lending our traffic to your search for exposure.

Please note:Inclusion on the site at the discretion of My Crew Kit based on the content, relevance and quality of the post. Payment will only be made for uploaded posts. Content written for My Crew Kit is not to be included on other social platforms unless it is shared with the content on My Crew Kit.

References to be included at the bottom of post. Links to booking sites, restaurant menus, physical addresses, dive locations, a map if relevant.

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