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The RYA Tender Operator Course is an ideal course for entry-level yacht deckhands carrying out guest transfers between the yacht/anchorage, during the day, and at night. The course covers passenger safety and comfort, basic day and night pilotage, and emergency situations. Although the course was originally created with an emphasis on guest transfers between superyachts and the shore, it is valuable for anyone who would like to optimize their driving capabilities with passengers on board.


  • RYA Powerboat Level 2

Course Outline

  • Pre-departure Checks
  • Nigh Navigation & Potential Hazards
  • Working with Electronic Chart Plotters
  • Twin Engine Manoeuvres
  • Passenger Safety
  • Life-Saving Apparatus
  • Docking in Unfavourable Conditions (Stern of Superyacht/ Dockside)
  • Dealing with Non-Compliant Passengers
  • Man Overboard Procedures – Day & Night
  • Specialized Powerboat Manoeuvring
  • Rules of the Road
  • Communication
  • Lots of practice

Upon completion of this course, the students will have been provided with important training and advice, helping them undertake short ship-to-shore transfers by day and night with confidence

 RYA Tender Operator Training School Locations: