The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) General Operator’s Certificate (GoC) is the most advanced radio operator qualification. It is an intensive course which usually involves additional work outside of the classroom, the course provides theoretical and practical training and focuses on 3 sections:

  • Radio protocols and procedures relating to the Safety of Lives at Sea (SOLAS),
  • Practical use of GMDSS systems,
  • Radiotelephone procedures.

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It focuses on general communication procedures, in particular, distress, safety and routine communication. Crew members that hold a GMDSS GoC are qualified to operate all licensed marine radio equipment including, Very High/High and Medium Frequency radios, satellite systems, digital selective calling (DSC), radiotelephony and telex systems. It is an intensive 8-day MCA approved course which prepares you for 2 days of examinations, which are made up of one written and two practical examinations in front of an ‘Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges’ (AMERC) examiner.

Who is the GMDSS GoC relevant to?

The GMDSS GoC forms part of the MCA OOW CoC and the module is therefore necessary for any crew member working towards this certification. It is suitable for not only superyacht deck officers but a wide variety of professional mariners including commercial deck officers, those in the Merchant Navy and offshore radio operators.

In order to qualify for the GMDSS GoC a candidate must:

  • Speak fluent English,
  • Be Familiar with computer keyboards,
  • Know the phonetic alphabet
  • Familiarise themselves with the course material before attending the course.

How much does it cost & Who offers the course?

At the time of writing, the course costs +/- 1700 Euros and a list of accredited training schools offering this course can be found on our website.

GMDSS Training School Locations: