Find out About the Human Element and Management (Management Level) 

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The HELM Management Level course is a requirement for candidates working towards management-level CoC's, issued by the MCA. It meets the requirements set out in Regulations II & III of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). The course satidfies the requirements for the IAMI GUEST Purser CoC, Chief Mate & Master CoC's (500 gross tons or more) as well as Chief Engineer Certificates of Competency under the MCA SV Engineer framework

Course Outline:

  • Good practice in shipboard human resource management
  • The relevance of the ‘human element’ in shipboard operations
  • Principles of task and workload management, including planning, coordination, allocation and prioritization of human and physical resources
  • Use project management as an aid to decision-making
  • Use of effective resource management techniques
  • Principles and practice of decision-making
  • Lead and manage the development, implementation and oversight of standard operating procedures
  • Principles and good practice in shipboard training, learning, coaching, mentoring, assessment and developing shipboard personnel