Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) are modern navigational systems used onboard most yachts today.

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About the ECDIS Course:

This course trains watch-keepers to use ECDIS navigational systems in a safe and competent manner. Furthermore, the shortcomings and risks involved are a main focus and students are trained to overcome these limitations. It is a 5-day MCA-approved course and involves theoretical instructions as well as practical training on navigation simulators. This module is a prerequisite for the Officer of the Watch (OOW) Certificate of Competency and will provide you with a general knowledge of Electronic Chart and Display Information Systems. However, it is also important to complete the online training course for the specific ECDIS model onboard your yacht as well.

Who is the Course for?

This course is relevant to any crew member working towards an OOW Certificate of Competency. Additionally, any crew member who takes navigational watches onboard should complete this course. Basic IT knowledge is the only prerequisite. However, completing the OOW Navigation and Radar before attempting the ECDIS course can make the content easier to grasp.

How much does it Cost & Who Offers it?

At the time of writing this course costs +/- 1300 Euros and a list of accredited training schools offering this course can be found here.

ECDIS Training Material:

The course provides access to online modules which include course notes, revision tests and other valuable information. One can gain access to this material once the course has been paid for.

 ECDIS Training School Locations: