The HELM course is designed to train leaders about the human element of their jobs. It aims to provide effective leadership and management styles and helps give students the mindfulness and understanding of the human elements influencing management. It is a 3-day MCA approved course that combines lectures, problem-solving tasks, case studies and group exercises to enable students to become better leaders by motivating their team and promoting a strong crew spirit.

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This course will provide candidates with the methods and skills to correctly address:

  • Risk Assessment,
  • Communication,
  • Shipboard Training,
  • Culture and Teamwork,
  • Positive crew spirit,
  • Time management,
  • Effective Leadership.


HELM at the operational level forms part of the OOW Certificate of Competency, therefore every crew member working his way towards his Officer of the Watch ticket needs to complete this module. It is also necessary for 2nd Engineer Officer Small Vessel Certificates of Competency (previously Y4), and Chief Engineer Officer Certificates of Competency (previously Y3 and Y2). Crewmembers renewing their CoCs do not need to complete this course, however, if they are progressing to a higher ticket (e.g. Yachtmaster to OOW) they will need to complete HELM at the operational level.

This course can also be very useful for Chief Stewardesses, Head chefs, and any other crew member assuming a leadership role onboard.


At the time of writing HELM at the operational level costs +/- 750 Euros and a list of accredited training schools offering this course can be found on our website.

HELM (Operational Level) Training School Locations: