Nav & Radar is an intensive three-week MCA approved course, the course forms part of the OOW Certificate of Competency and is regarded by many as the most challenging module. The course provides candidates with an STCW Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) qualification. The duration of the course is three-weeks and it is broken up into two sections.

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The first part of the course is 10-days long and theoretically based, lectures during this period focus on navigational theory, electronic navigation aids and chart work. Instructors will pay great attention to teaching the theory behind radar, ARPA and how to interpret radar picture.

There will be an exam at the end of week two, this exam is 2.5 hours long and is broken into 2-parts:

  1. Chartwork, Tides and Radar Plotting (3 questions),
  2. Part-2 will test supporting knowledge of matters covered in the course syllabus (3 questions).

NB! Candidates must achieve at least 70% in part 1 and at least 50% in part 2 and average a minimum of 60% together.

The second part of the course is 5-days long and with the help of the instructors, candidates develop and exercise navigation techniques on bridge simulators. These simulators will hone your ability and will focus on the use of radar technologies and their role in collision avoidance. This practical week will take the form of continuous assessment with an emphasis on your final four navigational exercises.

Who Is It For?

This course is a prerequisite for the Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency, therefore any crew member working towards this ticket will need to successfully complete this three-week course. The OOW Nav & Radar qualification is an advanced course, it is not for beginners and candidates should have completed an RYA/IYT Yachtmaster Offshore and ideally gained sufficient additional watch-keeping experience before attempting this module.

How Much Does It Cost And Who Offers This Course?

At the time of writing this course currently costs +/- 3400 Euros and a list of accredited training schools offering this course can be found on our website.

Course Material

Pre-reading and study prep is essential to succeed in this course. As mentioned earlier this is an advanced navigational course and without sufficient knowledge, experience and preparation you are unlikely to succeed. You can find the exam syllabus HERE. Once you have booked and paid for your course the training school will provide you with study material to read before your start date.

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