This course is designed to prepare you for the MCA Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency oral examination. Every training school will have varying methods; however, the idea is to simulate an oral situation in order to prepare you for the real deal. The course usually runs for about seven days and helps students refresh the material studied in all the various modules. The oral prep is not a prerequisite to the OOW CoC and students may attempt the oral exam without it, however, we highly recommend attending this course before attempting your final oral exam. The oral prep course also allows you to interact with other students in the build-up to the oral, this helps not only with revision and preparation but also to relax the students and create a better work environment building up to the big day. It is also a good idea to use a training school that has a high first-time pass rate as your instructor is crucial to your success.

Find an available OOW Oral Prep training course near me

Who is it for?

The OOW Oral Prep is for candidates that have successfully completed all of the necessary modules and are preparing for their oral examination. Candidates must hold:

  • STCW Basic Training,
  • Yachtmaster offshore theory & practical,
  • Efficient Deckhand,
  • Advanced Sea Survival,
  • General Ship Knowledge (GSK),
  • OOW Navigation & Radar,
  • 36 months onboard yacht service,
  • 12 months of sea service in vessels 15m or larger,
  • A complete MCA approved training record book.

How much does it cost & who offers the training?

The cost of the oral prep courses will vary from school to school and will also depend on the number of candidates wanting to do the course at that particular time, as students will usually split the cost of the instructor among them. It is best to contact a few schools and see what packages they are currently offering. A list of training schools offering this course can be found on our website.

OOW Oral Prep Training School Locations: