This is a management level course is aimed at those aspiring to or holding MCA Certificates of Competency in both deck and engineering specialisations as well as for those aiming to be awarded the interior head of department certificate.

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  1. i) Physically fit
  2. ii) STCW Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting certificate.

It is important to note that this course is physically demanding, students may be required to sign a confidential medical declaration to make us aware of any health issues or medical contraindications they may have before commencing the training.

Certificate Validity:

A refresher course is required every 5 years

Course Outline:

  • Fire theory revision
  • Extinguisher use and maintenance
  • Breathing apparatus use and maintenance
  • Search and rescue techniques
  • Command and control of a fire onboard
  • Tactical command
  • Communication
  • Stability issues regarding fires on board
  • Casualty response and handling
  • IMDG code
  • Fire investigation and reporting

Course Layout

The course contains practical firefighting using different types of extinguishers, hoses and breathing apparatus. Experienced is gained through fighting fires in an enclosed space with heat and smoke, the casualty evacuation aspect is established through a series of escalating exercises designed to build confidence and teamwork. They will also acquire an understanding of command and control problems. The practical drill can be physically demanding which requires students to be reasonably fit. The practical drills may not be held in the same location as the theoretical work - please check with individual training centres before booking flights/accommodation.

Advanced Fire Fighting Training School Locations: