On successful completion of this course, candidates will be able to skipper a yacht <200GT with no mileage restrictions. This course also enables candidates to drive large superyacht tenders and be a valuable attribute of the yachts safe manning schedule.


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a valid Seafarers Medical Certificate (ENG1 or equivalent)
  • Hold a valid Basic Safety Training Certificate
  • Hold a valid GMDSS General Operators Certificate (GOC)
  • Candidates must have documentary evidence of 2500 Nm logged approved seagoing service, 100 hours of which must be carried out during night-time whilst holding a TM MOY <200GT 150NM or equivalent.


    • Introduction to Celestial Nav
    • The Sextant
    • Astro Nav & Time
    • Compass Checking
    • World Weather Systems & Patterns
    • Passage Planning
    • Communications
    • Survival During Maritime Emergencies

Skills Gained

On successful completion of the training and assessment trainees shall be able to:

  • Be familiar with the marine sextant and be able to adjust for its correctable errors
  • Use the marine sextant & celestial bodies to determine their position
  • Explain the importance of time with regards to navigation
  • Check for compass error by means of Astro navigation
  • Plan & undertake an ocean passage whilst taking weather systems into account and position fixing by means of Astro navigation
  • Access latest weather & maritime safety information by means of satellite and terrestrial systems
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of procedures to be actioned during an emergency at sea


Tuition & assessments on all the above modules will be completed in 2 weeks.

Can I Obtain a Transport Malta Certificate Of Competency?

Yes, if you would like to upgrade your license and
make it a Transport Malta MOY 200GT Unlimited Area Certificate of Competency, please see below. Candidates of whom have obtained the MOY 200GT Unlimited Area may upgrade their license to a Transport Malta MOY 200GT Unlimited Area CoC by satisfying the following requirements:

• Have documentary evidence of 6 months seagoing service
• Obtain a Leadership & Teamwork Operational Level Certificate
• Obtain a GMDSS ROC
• Successfully pass a Transport Malta Oral Examination*
*Candidates of whom have obtained an RYA/IYT Yachtmaster/Master of Yachts will have to complete the above modules, as well as a 3 day Top Up course to be eligible to sit a Transport Malta oral Examination.