The IYT Master of yachts limited is an extremely important stepping stone for any deck crew member looking to progress up the ranks and make his / her way into the bridge. The IYT Master of Yachts Limited 200 Tons, is the most globally accepted course for the operation of commercial yachts up to 200 tons. It is recognised by 25 governments, which have placed the IYT Master of Yachts accreditation at the top as the global standard of certification.

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Qualification outcome:

Holding a master of yachts 200t limited allows the ticket holder to act as a:

  • Master of 200-ton vessel up to 150 nautical miles offshore
  • Chief Mate of 500-ton vessel up to 150 nautical miles offshore
  • Chief Mate of 200-ton vessel all oceans
  • OOW (Officer of the Watch) of a 500-ton vessel all oceans.

Prerequisites for the Master of Yachts limited exam:


  • Marine Communications VHF-SRC Radio Operators certificate.
  • All STCW certificates.
  • Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness Certificate
  • Valid ENG1 or medical certificate that includes eyesight/colour blind test

Sea time:

  • Logged 50 days onboard a yacht at sea as an active crew member on the watch.
  • Logged 3,000 miles + in a yacht while cruising at sea (power or sail). This must be on genuine cruises or passages, not short day trips.  The candidate must have a considerable amount of actual vessel handling time.
  • Thirty hours on watch at night underway as an active member of a yacht’s crew.

Previous boat handling experience.

It is important to understand that this course is not a beginner class and you are expected to arrive at the practical training week with a confident ability to handle a vessel in both good and poor weather conditions. Poor boat handling skills will put you under additional pressure during the week and use up you and other trainees valuable preparation time.

What does the course consist of?

The course consists of a theory course, a practical course and a practical examination. Completion of the theory course is a prerequisite for the live-aboard practical course, although they do not need to be taken in immediate succession. Despite this, it is recommended that the practical week is taken as soon as possible after the theory week, in order to ensure the information is as fresh as possible.

Master of Yachts Limited Theory Course:

This is am an intensive 6-day classroom-based course, composed of both assessment papers and written examinations. Prior knowledge, study and practical experience is required and candidates should not expect to learn everything in one week without some preparations.

Liveaboard Practical Course:

During the 5 days practical course, students will be given the opportunity to learn and execute skills and knowledge including areas such as situational awareness, seamanship as well as the ability to command. This is essentially your final preparation for the final examination which will take place once the week is complete.

Final Examination:

The final examination consists of a practical and oral examination. Students need to be prepared to be examined on but not limited to anything covered in the theory or practical course. In order to obtain a sail and motor license, the candidate will have to be examined twice, each time on the appropriate vessel type.

Completion of the Master of Yachts Limited certification course is not a guarantee of passing the examination and receiving your certificate.

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