An MCA Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency (3000 Limited) allows you to work as an officer in charge of a navigational watch on superyachts up to 3000GT. This is a deck officer qualification that requires the candidate to complete all of the necessary courses as well as pass the written examinations. Once all of the examinations are completed and the sea time and service requirements have been fulfilled, the candidate is permitted to sit a final oral examination.

OOW Modules / Courses to complete


Service Requirements:


Once these modules have been successfully completed the candidate will need to pass an external oral examination in front of an MCA examiner.

In addition to the modules the candidate must have obtained a minimum of 36 months’ onboard yacht service, this must include 365 days of seagoing service on vessels of 15 metres or over in load line length, made up of:

  • A minimum of 250 days’ actual sea service
  • 115 days of any combination of the following
    • Actual sea service
    • Stand-By service
    • Yard service.

Additionally, candidates must:

  • Complete the MCA Training Record Book. This can be found on the MCA website and can be signed off by your Captain and/or First Officer.
  • Have held the EDH for 18 months prior to being issued the OOW Certificate of Competency