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Deckhand and Yacht Steward(ess) Training Courses in Fort Lauderdale


We offer extensive and specialist courses for deckhands and interior crew that would like to gain practical experience and knowledge to boost their employability and ability to build a successful career. These courses are suitable for both new and experienced crew who would like to excel on board a superyacht.

Yacht Training Courses available:

10 Day Yacht Steward(ess) Academy
8 Week Yacht Deckhand Academy
12 Day Yacht Tender Handling Academy

10 Day Steward(ess) Academy

This is an opportunity to gain extensive practical experience in all important interior duties. Our 10 000 sq ft training facility allows us to simulate real onboard duties under supervision by a chief stewardess with over 15 years of superyachting experience.

The course is designed for students who would like to gain real proficiency in their duties as opposed to being introduced to them during more traditional 3-5 day introductory courses.

Basic deck work practicals will be covered as well so that you are able to help during docking procedures and other deck department activities. This is a great opportunity to broaden your skillset and become an asset to all departments.

By completing the 10 day steward(ess) academy, candidates will have real practical experience usually only attained “on the job”. You will have references from captains and heads of departments, stating your capabilities. We do provide job assistance through our network to candidates who show competence and a strong work ethic.

8-Week Deckhand Academy

Whether you are a new or experienced deckhand, completion of this course will allow you to take on more responsibility, impress your captain and increase the speed at which your career will progress.

It will allow you to build a significant advantage over other deck crew through decades of knowledge and experience, passed down by our captains, experienced deck crew, and specialist industry professionals. This is a unique opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and practical experience in tasks that can take years to become competent at, without a training program such as this.

Included in the academy are extensive line handling practicals, 10 days of practical tender handling, professional product training, polishing, paint & varnish application, theory, splicing, knots, and much much more.

12-Day Tender Handling Academy

When you obtain your driver’s license to drive a car, you are not ready to become a chauffeur for high-profile clients. The same applies to your Powerboat II or Rib Master license. A great deal of time behind the helm is required before driving with guests on board (especially on larger tenders).

The opportunities to gain the experience required can result in a long & drawn-out learning curve that can take years, especially on larger yachts, due to the increased number of deck crew.

We have designed our Tender Handling Academy to directly meet the standard required by the luxury yachting industry. It is a unique opportunity to gain confidence and competence so that you can take on more responsibility, open up additional job opportunities and ultimately progress at a much faster rate.

With 2 days of theory and 10 days of practical training behind the helm, you will be ready to take charge of this highly competitive position.

Gain an advantage over other crew and enroll today.


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8 reviews

  1. Superb

    This school was the best investment for my yachting career. Irma is extremely thorough, and am so thankful for her. When I got my first job, my Chief stewardess was impressed that I already knew everything she was showing me. It was thanks to Irma. She did such an amazing job of helping me feel prepared. Not only was she my teacher, but she also is still a friend even after I’ve finished the course. She always texts to see how I’m doing. Anyway, thank you so much Savy!!!!!

  2. Honestly amazing

    I did the 8week deckhand course and the time they put into this makes a world of difference! The skills and everything I learned there I am confident to join a yacht, drive a tender, and help out with some repairs!! I joined the industry a year ago and wish I did this academy first. Everyone cares so much and more then willing to go the extra mile for you. I had Nick and Doug as my teachers and they were amazing and found all kinds of different ways to explain anything asked to make sure you would understand it. I had a great experience and would 100% recommended!!!!!

  3. Wow! So impressed!

    I am beyond impressed with Savvy Maritime Academy! I left this academy with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to begin my yachting career. Irma is an exceptional instructor full of enthusiasm and motivation to help others be successful. With many years of yachting under her belt, she is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Brian takes the time to get to know every student who comes to train and his passion and effort to make every person succeed is very apparent and refreshing. I’m just blown away with the amount of support and knowledge they provided me during my training. The hands-on approach, in-depth practical training helped me jump in to my first job with confidence. My first day of working, I was asked to do some skills I learned in the academy that I was so excited to come in and practice right away!

    I highly recommend Savvy Maritime Academy a thousand times over! I really enjoyed my experience and getting to know the instructors in my training. I can’t imagine not having done this course prior to working in the yachting industry! A MASSIVE THANK YOU!

  4. 10 day stewards course

    I love this Academy. Irma the class instructor is very knowledgeable about the LUXURY yachting industry. Their hands on approach to theory and practically training makes it easy to transition into yachting. They help boost your confidence, which helps you execute your skills at a high level. I have learnt so much in those 10 days about yachting, life lessons and the industry. Brian is also an amazing individual with his dream of bring kindness and courtesy to yachting. Teaching us that showing politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward yachting is most important. Overall the entire staff at Savvy Maritime Academy are warm professional, knowledgeable and ready to serve you. I will definitely recommend this institute for anyone want to learn the correct way of yachting!

  5. Thank you Savvy!

    I’d done the 2 weeks course with Irma, Nick & Brian.
    My experience was awesome. I’ve learned so much from all of them.
    Irma is an exceptional High end service teacher.
    After over 20 years working in the industry she has a lot of knowledge and shares it with love.
    I’ve even had fun learning how to proper make a bed! Haha

    I highly recommend this courses. Not only for the industry. You can use it for many other things.
    You would learn a lot, even people skills. I promise.

    Thank you Savvy!
    With love,
    Sol (Argentina)

  6. 10 stewardess courses

    Long time I was looking for a interior courses that can teach me what Savvy this. Normally must of the school are 5,3 or 1 interior courses in Savvy you will have 10 days of classes where you gonna learn everything that you need know to where in a yachts From housekeeping,flowers arrangement to deck knowledge.This is a complete courses that any of the academy in FL have it.I really enjoy the classes with our teacher Irma Malabanan.She is very friendly, enthusiast and have a lot of knowledge with her that she is willing to share with us.The classes are fun and at the same time you can get all the knowledge that you need to start this career.I really recommend SAVVY as a academy for your beginning of your long career on yachting.

  7. Best Maritime Academy Around!

    I completed the 10 Day Interior course in April at The Savvy Marine Academy. This course is extremley thorough and takes you through every practical detail that you need to know, to confidently get started in the yachting industry.

    Working closely with Brian, Irma and Nick, with combined years of experience, is what makes the difference to just understanding the basics, but rather becoming an excellent asset, and confident asset to this industry. Everything taught was done with immense passion and high standards.

    I truly feel blessed to have shared this experience and wealth of knowledge from such a driven team.

    Couldn’t recommend this Academy enough…

    Thank you Savvy!
    Much Love,

  8. Best Yacht Training Ever!

    So where do I begin? I can’t thank SAVVY Maritime Academy enough for this unforgettable experience. I learned so much from the team. They are so interactive and fun. They will fill you with their own practical learning and stories and they look forward to sharing their passion with you all. I’ve learned the standards of interior skills that usually take years of experience to master. SAVVY made me realize that I am not alone and that anyone has the potential to be a Yachty and fulfill their dream job. With the right training, you will have confidence in whatever the yachting industry throws at you. I have honestly had the best time learning with them. I have made friends and the whole experience has had a huge impact on me, and I am so inspired to start my own adventure in the yachting industry.

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